When I grew up I was told of things which were right and wrong. As I became of age I started making my own decisions and deciding what right and wrong for me. But I did not entirely delete what I was told as a child. I started judging what is done and not done by others. I saw that people do things differently and it doesn’t mean they are wrong

Each and every person has their own right and wrong. The society at large has things they view as right and wrong. I get confused if a person start judging others, saying what they are doing is wrong. How do you know if something is wrong for me if you don’t know me and do not even know what I believe in. if one believe that wearing a mini skirt is wrong then its purely your opinion but why judge people who wear mini skirt. People start to judge on what you wearing and totally describe the person you are. As a girl from a township, once you wear short clothes you are describe as a person who sleeps around and seeking attention. My question is how do you know I dressed to seek attention and why do you think your judgement or opinion is right?

I understand that people have their own standards but why judge others if they do not live up to your own standards. You will hear a person saying “That guy is a dush and I don’t understand why that girl is dating him.” Why do you even bother to match people, judge them on who to date and not to date.

When I saw how society judged and the lessons I got home, I thought maybe religious people judge less or don’t. It seems I made a huge mistake on that one. I feel religious people are the most judgemental individuals ever. When I was young we use to imitate people in church and what they say about others. My mom always read us a scripture in Matthew; Matthew 7: 1“Do not judge so that you will not be judged. 2“For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.…  She taught me its wrong to judge since it is in the bible and I accepted. In my own, not professional research I found that church people judge the most than non-believers.  This got me so confused that I asked myself if do we judge people because we think we better than them or solely because we view what they do as wrong. I’m still a believer and I know by writing this blog I have judged people.

My questions are?

Why do you judge another person?

Why do you think you have a right to judge another person?

Is your judgement right or wrong, and how do you know?






3 thoughts on “WHY DO WE JUDGE?

  1. “I saw that people do things differently and it doesn’t mean they are wrong”
    I like this… we are all different and therefore what we perceive right and wrong will not always be universal. I know i am guilty of being judgmental, but ive learnt to be more accommodating of people who do things differently than i do.

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