Faculty battle

I came to university and I was happy to get a chance. Not many people got a chance to come to University in my hood so my excitement was beyond. I liked what I was going to do and I was just happy that I’m in varsity. Life was good during the O’week and everyone was happy. There was one question almost everyone I met asked; “So which faculty are you in or which degree are you doing?” I did not mind answering the question at all. I also did not know that I am being judged by the answer I gave.


A few months later, I started hearing people boasting about their faculties and how difficult the degree they were doing was. After a while I realized that there was a faculty battle of who is better than whom and which degrees were the worst. I felt like I was back in high school with the “I’m in science”, “I’m in commerce and you are in general” issue. It got worse when people voiced out that some degrees are just not worthy being studied.

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The only question I was asking myself was; why would a highly rated university offer a useless degree? How does a student give himself or herself the power to judge other students according to the degrees they are doing. I had heard a couple of girls saying they would never date a humanities guy. What made a humanities guy different from a guy who is doing commerce and science or EBE? Did a humanities degree make a student inferior to other faculty students because you think the degree is easy or because what they are studying is not relevant to you? I thought only humanities students were in crisis but even the commerce students are also in trouble. Some students doing science think also the commerce students are not relevant. Then I wanted to know which degree was relevant or which faculty is good because everyone recognized their faculty as the best and the rest were not relevant. I am still clueless which faculty is the best and based on what criteria.


To me it does not matter which faculty you are in as long as you have direction in life and you know what you want to achieve. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Be proud of what you are studying and do not let other people make you feel inferior.



4 thoughts on “Faculty battle

  1. I started out in Commerce and boy oh boy did I hate it. I’m not a numbers person so it was hard to cope. And as a result, I was excluded. I appealed to be placed in the Humanities faculty and it felt like home. The great thing about Humanities was the fact that I could create my own degree. If I wanted stats, I could do it, if I wanted drama, I could do it, whatever dude. It was just awesome…the essays were the hardest and that’s what other faculties from UCT don’t get, that writing isn’t easy, and many engineering and even commerce students struggled with Humanities electives. So really there’s no saying one is easier than another or one is better than another. Like you said Zama, UCT wouldn’t offer useless degrees.

  2. I started out in Commerce and boy oh boy did I hate it. I found it hard to cope especially because of my attitude towards what I was doing. As a result I was excluded & I appealed to the Humanities Faculty. Humanities is awesome because you pretty much get to create your own degree with cores from most faculties. Essays were the worst though, but weirdly enough I enjoyed them. But that’s what other faculties don’t get, that writing isn’t easy and that showed even when they have to do Humanities electives. So really one can’t say one faculty is better than the other. Like you said Zama, UCT would offer useless degrees.

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