S.A. Political Parties

I am not a political person and I do not know much about politics, so this blog may not interest or have sound arguments about the subject. As South African citizen, I have been wondering whether the political parties being launched are necessary. I am sure that the people who start political parties all have a purpose of improving the current lives of South African citizens but they just have different views to it which leads to them starting different parties.


South Africa has a leading party called ANC, which has been in power since 1994. The people have been complaining for a while that ANC is not delivering but the party has been getting majority votes to date. I think the reason they complain but still vote for ANC is due to previous South Africa circumstance with apartheid. S.A citizens then become almost loyal to ANC and will not want to shift maybe to D.A, mail&guardian has wrote more on this issue. The reason that has been argued  is that people are emotionally attached to ANC due to our previous apartheid situation, that is why they vote for the party and hesitate to vote for D.A among other issues (new24 article ). So will the South Africans vote for the new black parties being open?

DA logo , logo, Democratic alliance , new DA , logo

EFF and Agang are new political parties launched this year which are promising to do something better than what ANC is currently offering. On the launch of EFF the leader which is Julius Malema said that, “He said poverty, unemployment and inequality will worsen under the leadership of ANC.” This was Malema argument for starting a new party and why people should join EFF (article about the launch of EFF).On the launch of Agang Mamphela Ramphele promised to reverse the damage done by the ANC government. One common thing about all these parties opposing the leading party ANC is that they are promising to do better than ANC. My question is that if all these parties want to do well than the current party why do not open one big party oppose to the mini parties being opened? I thought it would make sense if all these parties are against ANC to join forces and try winning the battle together rather than having many parties which lead to nowhere or cause more confusing to people like me who do not know anything about politics.

Agang_Logo               EffLogo2

If a new party is going to be opened based on what ANC is doing wrong, why not just join the existing party opposing ANC instead of starting a new one. In my view I will like the next new party that going to be opened be based on what are they bringing to the market and why they are the best. The party does not need to show us what wrong with ANC because we have had enough on ANCs mal-administration.


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