Hannah Montana vs Miley Cyrus

Hannah Montana is a persona used by a television programme.  The programme started in 2006 till 2011. Hannah Montana has been a favourite programme on Disney and it has been influential to kids. The name Hannah Montana has been a brand since the show started being aired. Disney has protected the Hannah Montana brand till the programme stopped being aired. Hannah Montana had products for girls and these products included bags, t-shirt, beauty products etc.  The product made money for the production and continued being sold even after the show ended. Hannah Montana was a pop singer in the programme.

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She was even nominated for a couple of kids’ awards like Young artist awards, Teens choice awards and Kids choice awards. She also won most of this awards and this show the impact Hannah Montana had on the female teens or kids. Hannah Montana was paid to play the part in the programme and obvious there was a contract involved till the end of the programme. This means whatever kids saw on TV it was written for her to say or act. It never reflected the real personality of her as a person. The kids were just introduced to the persona or the actor. The world at large was introduced to the actor. So most of the people forgot that what Hannah Montana portrays on TV is not her real life but she is doing it for money and to entertain kids. She started acting as Hannah Montana when she was 13, which means she concealed her true identity from the public at the young age. Now that young girl who was Hannah Montana grew up and the role also ended. After 2011, people still referred to her as Hannah Montana because that the name she was introduced to the public with at a young age.

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She continued with her music career and movies. Hannah Montana, whose real name is Miley Cyrus, became a teenager and turned 21. She has been doing her own thing as a teenager and being her career. The problem is that she is still perceived as that sweet little child who played Hannah Montana by people. She has changed her brand completely from the Hannah Montana brand. People are struggling to accept the new brand she has made for herself because they believe that old Hannah was good for children and the new Hannah (Miley) is bad for kids.

Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus           rs_560x415-130910131641-1024.mileycyrus-video.cm.91013

Miley has been twerking in her videos and performances. The biggest shock of people it was when she twerked at the VMAs. The video of Miley twerking went viral in Youtube within an hour and she was trending in twitter for more than two weeks. People comments were against Miley and saying there want Hannah back. Some even say that they think Miley is on drugs. Some moms say that kids are going to start doing what Miley is doing since she has been a role model. So I am thinking if Miley is raising your kids or you as a mom are raising your kids? There have been lot of singers who sing half naked and have done videos naked. What different with Miley Cyrus? She is just leaving her life and it not her fault that one wants to love the persona of Hannah Montana which was given to her when she was young. I think people need to stop acting like they knew Miley Cyrus before. Individuals have known Hannah and now they are learning who Miley is.  Miley just released wrecking ball and in this video there is a scene where she is totally naked. Miley says she is showing her vulnerability by being naked in the video.Is the image good or bad? It your own opinion but do not think it is right. She is just a teenager and she is allowed as well to act like any teen who is twenty. In Jay Z’s voice, “twerk twerk twerk twerk Miley twerk”. Build your own brand and leave





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