I am zamandosi cele. I am currently enjoying my life of being a postgraduate student in management and specialising in marketing. I hate m school work sometimes but love it most of the times. I love the challenge but hate being challenged for no reason. I’m not an individual who love one thing in particular.  I like discussing my views on different topics.This is why my blog will not focus on a single topic but on different topics. So my blog will be on my views about stuff. I write my views based on my opinions and which means I may be right or wrong because I’m looking at things in my own perspective. I’m not really good in writing, so you may find my arguments not strong enough but hope you will get the message.

My hobby is playing pool. I just love pool games the most. The reason pool is my hobby is because while you playing the game you use your brain a lot. Strategic thinking is excised during the game. I love sport and don’t have a specific one I prefer more than other. I freak out if I can’t watch a game because I have to study. I think I hate school when it comes to such things.

I’m obsess with my nephews and nieces, I think they are the cutest things or babies I ever seen. I’m bias when I say they are the cutest babies. Anyways they are cute for real and I love them too much.

Please feel free to share your blogs with me and leave comments on my blog.


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