Hannah Montana vs Miley Cyrus

Hannah Montana is a persona used by a television programme.  The programme started in 2006 till 2011. Hannah Montana has been a favourite programme on Disney and it has been influential to kids. The name Hannah Montana has been a brand since the show started being aired. Disney has protected the Hannah Montana brand till the programme stopped being aired. Hannah Montana had products for girls and these products included bags, t-shirt, beauty products etc.  The product made money for the production and continued being sold even after the show ended. Hannah Montana was a pop singer in the programme.

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She was even nominated for a couple of kids’ awards like Young artist awards, Teens choice awards and Kids choice awards. She also won most of this awards and this show the impact Hannah Montana had on the female teens or kids. Hannah Montana was paid to play the part in the programme and obvious there was a contract involved till the end of the programme. This means whatever kids saw on TV it was written for her to say or act. It never reflected the real personality of her as a person. The kids were just introduced to the persona or the actor. The world at large was introduced to the actor. So most of the people forgot that what Hannah Montana portrays on TV is not her real life but she is doing it for money and to entertain kids. She started acting as Hannah Montana when she was 13, which means she concealed her true identity from the public at the young age. Now that young girl who was Hannah Montana grew up and the role also ended. After 2011, people still referred to her as Hannah Montana because that the name she was introduced to the public with at a young age.

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She continued with her music career and movies. Hannah Montana, whose real name is Miley Cyrus, became a teenager and turned 21. She has been doing her own thing as a teenager and being her career. The problem is that she is still perceived as that sweet little child who played Hannah Montana by people. She has changed her brand completely from the Hannah Montana brand. People are struggling to accept the new brand she has made for herself because they believe that old Hannah was good for children and the new Hannah (Miley) is bad for kids.

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Miley has been twerking in her videos and performances. The biggest shock of people it was when she twerked at the VMAs. The video of Miley twerking went viral in Youtube within an hour and she was trending in twitter for more than two weeks. People comments were against Miley and saying there want Hannah back. Some even say that they think Miley is on drugs. Some moms say that kids are going to start doing what Miley is doing since she has been a role model. So I am thinking if Miley is raising your kids or you as a mom are raising your kids? There have been lot of singers who sing half naked and have done videos naked. What different with Miley Cyrus? She is just leaving her life and it not her fault that one wants to love the persona of Hannah Montana which was given to her when she was young. I think people need to stop acting like they knew Miley Cyrus before. Individuals have known Hannah and now they are learning who Miley is.  Miley just released wrecking ball and in this video there is a scene where she is totally naked. Miley says she is showing her vulnerability by being naked in the video.Is the image good or bad? It your own opinion but do not think it is right. She is just a teenager and she is allowed as well to act like any teen who is twenty. In Jay Z’s voice, “twerk twerk twerk twerk Miley twerk”. Build your own brand and leave





S.A. Political Parties

I am not a political person and I do not know much about politics, so this blog may not interest or have sound arguments about the subject. As South African citizen, I have been wondering whether the political parties being launched are necessary. I am sure that the people who start political parties all have a purpose of improving the current lives of South African citizens but they just have different views to it which leads to them starting different parties.


South Africa has a leading party called ANC, which has been in power since 1994. The people have been complaining for a while that ANC is not delivering but the party has been getting majority votes to date. I think the reason they complain but still vote for ANC is due to previous South Africa circumstance with apartheid. S.A citizens then become almost loyal to ANC and will not want to shift maybe to D.A, mail&guardian has wrote more on this issue. The reason that has been argued  is that people are emotionally attached to ANC due to our previous apartheid situation, that is why they vote for the party and hesitate to vote for D.A among other issues (new24 article ). So will the South Africans vote for the new black parties being open?

DA logo , logo, Democratic alliance , new DA , logo

EFF and Agang are new political parties launched this year which are promising to do something better than what ANC is currently offering. On the launch of EFF the leader which is Julius Malema said that, “He said poverty, unemployment and inequality will worsen under the leadership of ANC.” This was Malema argument for starting a new party and why people should join EFF (article about the launch of EFF).On the launch of Agang Mamphela Ramphele promised to reverse the damage done by the ANC government. One common thing about all these parties opposing the leading party ANC is that they are promising to do better than ANC. My question is that if all these parties want to do well than the current party why do not open one big party oppose to the mini parties being opened? I thought it would make sense if all these parties are against ANC to join forces and try winning the battle together rather than having many parties which lead to nowhere or cause more confusing to people like me who do not know anything about politics.

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If a new party is going to be opened based on what ANC is doing wrong, why not just join the existing party opposing ANC instead of starting a new one. In my view I will like the next new party that going to be opened be based on what are they bringing to the market and why they are the best. The party does not need to show us what wrong with ANC because we have had enough on ANCs mal-administration.

Faculty battle

I came to university and I was happy to get a chance. Not many people got a chance to come to University in my hood so my excitement was beyond. I liked what I was going to do and I was just happy that I’m in varsity. Life was good during the O’week and everyone was happy. There was one question almost everyone I met asked; “So which faculty are you in or which degree are you doing?” I did not mind answering the question at all. I also did not know that I am being judged by the answer I gave.


A few months later, I started hearing people boasting about their faculties and how difficult the degree they were doing was. After a while I realized that there was a faculty battle of who is better than whom and which degrees were the worst. I felt like I was back in high school with the “I’m in science”, “I’m in commerce and you are in general” issue. It got worse when people voiced out that some degrees are just not worthy being studied.

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The only question I was asking myself was; why would a highly rated university offer a useless degree? How does a student give himself or herself the power to judge other students according to the degrees they are doing. I had heard a couple of girls saying they would never date a humanities guy. What made a humanities guy different from a guy who is doing commerce and science or EBE? Did a humanities degree make a student inferior to other faculty students because you think the degree is easy or because what they are studying is not relevant to you? I thought only humanities students were in crisis but even the commerce students are also in trouble. Some students doing science think also the commerce students are not relevant. Then I wanted to know which degree was relevant or which faculty is good because everyone recognized their faculty as the best and the rest were not relevant. I am still clueless which faculty is the best and based on what criteria.


To me it does not matter which faculty you are in as long as you have direction in life and you know what you want to achieve. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Be proud of what you are studying and do not let other people make you feel inferior.




When I grew up I was told of things which were right and wrong. As I became of age I started making my own decisions and deciding what right and wrong for me. But I did not entirely delete what I was told as a child. I started judging what is done and not done by others. I saw that people do things differently and it doesn’t mean they are wrong

Each and every person has their own right and wrong. The society at large has things they view as right and wrong. I get confused if a person start judging others, saying what they are doing is wrong. How do you know if something is wrong for me if you don’t know me and do not even know what I believe in. if one believe that wearing a mini skirt is wrong then its purely your opinion but why judge people who wear mini skirt. People start to judge on what you wearing and totally describe the person you are. As a girl from a township, once you wear short clothes you are describe as a person who sleeps around and seeking attention. My question is how do you know I dressed to seek attention and why do you think your judgement or opinion is right?

I understand that people have their own standards but why judge others if they do not live up to your own standards. You will hear a person saying “That guy is a dush and I don’t understand why that girl is dating him.” Why do you even bother to match people, judge them on who to date and not to date.

When I saw how society judged and the lessons I got home, I thought maybe religious people judge less or don’t. It seems I made a huge mistake on that one. I feel religious people are the most judgemental individuals ever. When I was young we use to imitate people in church and what they say about others. My mom always read us a scripture in Matthew; Matthew 7: 1“Do not judge so that you will not be judged. 2“For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.…  She taught me its wrong to judge since it is in the bible and I accepted. In my own, not professional research I found that church people judge the most than non-believers.  This got me so confused that I asked myself if do we judge people because we think we better than them or solely because we view what they do as wrong. I’m still a believer and I know by writing this blog I have judged people.

My questions are?

Why do you judge another person?

Why do you think you have a right to judge another person?

Is your judgement right or wrong, and how do you know?